Focus Optimisation
Undiscovered Potential


Focus Optimisation
Undiscovered Potential

Streamlined planning for drilling cost reductions, improved environmental performance and increased efficiencies in fluid and waste management across the full project lifecycle.

FOCUS is a drilling fluids optimisation, waste management and environmental compliance specialist for the oil and gas industry.

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Optimising Performance

We provide independent and unbiased analysis, insight and evidential data to identify and deliver undiscovered potential in your drilling fluid optimisation and waste management programmes.

Our embedded specialists bring many years of experience to provide opportunities for optimising performance along the full project lifecycle - from front-end feasibility studies through to tangible benefits in environmental performance and decommissioning programmes.

Strength In Knowledge

FOCUS combines the strengths in knowledge and expertise of Calgary-based Performance Fluid Management and Aberdeen-headquartered QTEC Energy Services following the merger of these two established companies. As a result, we provide comprehensive and in depth expertise that puts your needs first.


FOCUS improves drilling efficiency, optimises waste management programmes and develops forward-thinking environmental compliance strategies.

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Our Approach

In an industry dependant on cost reductions and greater efficiencies, FOCUS delivers value by revealing fresh insights and undiscovered potential within the life cycle of your well.

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Global Reach

With a truly global footprint, FOCUS has the regional knowledge and expertise required to optimise your drilling operations worldwide.

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